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Outlook Blog

Weekly Market Commentary

-Darren Leavitt, CFA Markets continued to rally, but the advance came on quiet trading volume. Robust economic data coupled with a solid economic outlook from JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Diamond catalyzed buying.  First-quarter earnings start in earnest in the coming week,...

Weekly Market Commentary

Weekly Market Commentary 2/5/2021 -Darren Leavitt, CFA Markets rebounded strongly in the first week of February.  Fourth-quarter earnings continued to beat expectations, vaccines continued to go into arms, and economic data continued to be mixed, which fostered more...


By Sarah Brenner, JD IRA Analyst The SECURE Act has upended the rules for inherited IRAs. One area the new law completely changes is the rules for successor beneficiaries. Here is what you need to know: Who are successor beneficiaries? The successor beneficiary is the...

Is a Fixed Indexed Annuity Right for Me?

Ensure you have the financial security to be in control of your retirement. Before determining if an FIA is right for your portfolio, make sure you understand the specific product features and if the benefits ladder into your goals. If you… have a retirement plan in...

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